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Silver trading in the FOREX market: a few trading techniques

Whether you’re investing in silver for wealth or diversification, understanding its market is first and foremost to ensure the proper allocation of your investments. Firstly, trading silver in FOREX doesn’t mean that you own the physical commodity. If you want real exposure to silver, buy bars or coins and then store them in a safe. [...]

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Life Insurance In Plain English: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

How many times have you uttered the words: “I wish I had more life insurance”? Most people I know don’t really think too much about insurance until or unless they need it. With life insurance, you need it when you’re dead, so there’s no mulligan on this one. At the same time, there’s a lot [...]

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Owning vs Renting Your Home: Which One Is Really Better?

Happy New Year! I flew down to Florida for Christmas this year to spend time with family, and we ended up playing that game Taboo. It was boys vs girls. The word was “Nike.” The clue was “Prefontaine.” They guessed correctly. We lost. I was dumbfounded. Right then and there I made a New Year’s [...]

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What’s Wrong With Insider Trading?

What’s wrong with insider trading? I know the usual responses having to do with fairness and equity, and even fiduciary duty. But is the simple act of trading on information that isn’t widely known morally wrong? Today, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) publishes a running total of the insider trading cases it pursues. If [...]

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Green Companies: The Unsustainable Investment

“Green” investments did not just appear out of thin air. They are the result of an ideology called environmentalism. This ideology has been impregnated into the psyche of many investors for years. The result? Many investors have abandoned the profit motive in favor of: Maximizing “social good” and; “Green” technologies that must be propped up [...]

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