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Investing With An Ace Up Your Sleeve

I read once that something like 94 percent of all mutual fund managers under-perform the stock market. That figure seems to fluctuate a bit depending on whom you’re talking to. One thing seems to stay consistent with the percentage though – the implication that active investing is damn hard. It is. There’s a lot that [...]

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Save Your IRA With Gold…yes GOLD!

It was some time ago that I was on the phone with’s head of marketing here in the U.S. At the time, I wondered how easily the average American could buy the pretty yellow metal. I knew why they would want to, and why you would want to too. It’s a hedge against inflation, [...]

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Should You Change Auto Insurance Carriers To Save A Few Bucks?

There’s a dark side to switching insurance companies. New paperwork, new premium payments, new automatic (ACH) withdrawals. Is any of it worth the hassle? Sometimes. Sometimes not. A few years ago, I found myself engaged in a conversation with someone about insurance. Yes. Insurance. People normally don’t yammer on about car insurance but this person [...]

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Universal Health Care Does Not Work

I’m not sure why the calls for universal health care are getting louder and louder in the face of facts which clearly show that socialized systems that are already in place around the world just do not work. Socialized medicine violates the rights of individuals to make choices about their health care. Government intervention into [...]

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PPO vs. HMO: Do You Really Need These “Health Plans?”

Today, most everyone has easy access to major medical health insurance in the form of an HMO or a PPO. It may not be affordable, but it is accessible, meaning that these plans are not hard to come by. I keep hearing and reading articles about which is better: a PPO or an HMO…and so [...]

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