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Is Fee-Only Financial Planning Objective?

Is fee-only financial planning objective? Not in the popular vision of how the term “objective” is used, no. But perhaps I should explain myself. Most financial advisers want to be known as being a good guy (or gal). That means “taking care of your clients” or “placing your client’s interests above your own.” Sometimes, this [...]

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What Is Financial Planning?

The Problem The term “financial planning”, “financial plan” or “financial planner” is absent from any industry publication. Not even the Certified Financial Planning Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct lists a definition of “financial plan.” It is simply missing. What you will see are hints or suggestions made by professionals of what these terms might mean [...]

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The Pedagogic Nature Of A Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are often seen as, more or less, glorified money managers who focus primarily on investing. The financial advisor was a “new professional” born in the late 1960s, it is said, to deal with the ever increasing complexity of financial products and the compartmentalization of the financial industry at that time. While I think [...]

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Exposing The So-Called Experts

If you listen long enough to so-called experts like, Dave Ramsey or  Suze Orman, and the legion of followers at Primerica, you will walk away with the feeling that they just don’t want you to buy cash value life insurance. During the Great Depression,  life insurers and permanent, cash value, policies were one of the [...]

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How To Achieve All of Your Financial Goals in Life and Avoid Becoming a Helpless, Dependent, Victim

Let’s suppose for a moment that you wake up one morning with a stiff neck. As the day progresses, the stiffness turns into a dull pain. The dull pain grows and grows, getting worse by the hour. You think about the situation for a moment and decide that you can do one of 3 things: [...]

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