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Why Your Insurance Premiums Are So High (and what will cause them to go down)

What is it with government regulators? They say they’re trying to help you by intervening into the marketplace. They say they can “fix” those expensive auto insurance and health insurance  premiums by forcing insurers to make premiums more affordable for you and your family. Then, when they show up with their laws, nothing ever seems [...]

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How To Lower Your Insurance Premiums (even in today’s insurance market)

People sometimes complain about how high their insurance premiums are. Life insurance, homeowner’s insurance, various liability insurances, car insurance — I’ve encountered many instances where these insurance coverages were higher than they really needed to be. Why? A lack of understanding about what insurance is and what it ought to be. What Is Insurance? Insurance [...]

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Investing With An Ace Up Your Sleeve

I read once that something like 94 percent of all mutual fund managers under-perform the stock market. That figure seems to fluctuate a bit depending on whom you’re talking to. One thing seems to stay consistent with the percentage though – the implication that active investing is damn hard. It is. There’s a lot that [...]

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Should You Change Auto Insurance Carriers To Save A Few Bucks?

There’s a dark side to switching insurance companies. New paperwork, new premium payments, new automatic (ACH) withdrawals. Is any of it worth the hassle? Sometimes. Sometimes not. A few years ago, I found myself engaged in a conversation with someone about insurance. Yes. Insurance. People normally don’t yammer on about car insurance but this person [...]

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The Real Cause of Crisis In The Financial Markets And How To Persevere

The cause of the Great Depression, all of the recessions since then, is and has always been the U.S. Government. I keep hearing everyone blame the financial industry for the mess of 2008. Supposedly, it was all of those greedy bankers and investment houses that created the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression. Even [...]

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