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7 Myths About Cash Value Life Insurance That Just Won’t Die

The necessity of life insurance today is based around the idea of a family with one or both spouses working outside of the home, and that if one of them dies, the other will be left with financial obligations that will not be able to be met. Life insurance is supposed to fill that gap.

This is where the agreement between financial professionals ends abruptly, because the next question that arises is: OK, so what kind of life insurance should people buy? The debate between which is better – term or cash value/permanent life insurance – is seemingly a “never ending battle”. For many various reasons, many investment houses, stock brokers, mutual fund managers (and the agents who sell their funds), as well as many popular financial “gurus” like Suze Orman, Ric Edleman, and Dave Ramsey presumably (according to their many published books and comments on national radio and television) hate cash value life insurance…

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Life Insurance In Plain English

Life insurance is one of the most important financial products that you’ll ever purchase. It’s so important that I often hang up on people when they demand that I give them a life insurance quote or sell them a policy without teaching them at least a little bit about how various types of contracts work. [...]

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Whole Life Insurance & The Theory Of Decreasing Responsibility

The theory of decreasing responsibility is a theory in financial planning which basically says that you should purchase enough life insurance to meet your financial responsibilities and no more and that those financial responsibilities will decrease as you become older. Therefore, your need for life insurance is temporary. Would you agree with that statement, in [...]

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Life Insurance & Common Sense

Common sense is overrated isn’t it? It has to be, I think, because the world has gone slightly mad – along with today’s so-called financial professionals. As soon as someone mentions “life insurance”, it seems as though there is suddenly a room full of experts (or an Internet full of them). One of the first [...]

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