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Financial Planning Begins Before You Are Rich

Most of the people I talk to about financial planning assume that they need money in order to do financial planning. To some extent, this is true (education is not free). However, the process of financial planning is a lifelong process that starts prior to finishing highschool. This seems incredible to most people, but financial [...]

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Will You Outlive Your Investments?

As the largest segment of the nation’s population (78 million baby boomers) looks forward to retirement, one would wonder with a Government so full of debt, if that could possibly affect our nation’s new retirees. Sadly, about 20 million of those 78 million Americans only have a net worth of $50,000 or less which means that they will be relying heavily on Social Security – a system that is already stressed. In June of 2006, the Center for Retirement Research added more unpleasant news. They estimate that nearly 43% of Americans simply aren’t saving enough to live a comfortable retirement. But what is “comfortable”?…

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Should Financial Advisers Be Licensed?

Licensing in the financial planning industry is almost taken as a given. Various financial planning educational institutions and organizations welcome, with open arms, the idea of licensing all individuals who want to work in the financial planning industry. They employ lobbyists and even call for a centralized organization that would serve as the AMA of [...]

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What Is Financial Planning?

The financial planning profession has attempted to define what financial planning is. However, the phrase becomes defined by non-essentials. Processes are laid out, and it gets very descriptive in many instances. I think where the individual needs to start is to understand what a plan is. A plan is a series of steps that are [...]

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Financial Planning 101

Financial planning is both necessary and practical for every single person alive today. I’d say that it is something that no one – at least in a civilized and developed society – can ignore. People do often discount its importance or try to completely evade the issue altogether…to their own detriment. One trend that I [...]

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