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The Real Effects of Inflation on Your Investments

I don’t want you to be happy about losing money, and I know that sounds stupid…in fact, you are probably saying to yourself “why would anyone be happy about losing money?”

Well, it’s happened before. It’s happening today…and my guess is it will happen in the future. I’ll explain in a moment…

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Will You Outlive Your Investments?

As the largest segment of the nation’s population (78 million baby boomers) looks forward to retirement, one would wonder with a Government so full of debt, if that could possibly affect our nation’s new retirees. Sadly, about 20 million of those 78 million Americans only have a net worth of $50,000 or less which means that they will be relying heavily on Social Security – a system that is already stressed. In June of 2006, the Center for Retirement Research added more unpleasant news. They estimate that nearly 43% of Americans simply aren’t saving enough to live a comfortable retirement. But what is “comfortable”?…

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Retirement Calculators Have Their Limits

Financial calculators are all over online. These calculators are praised as being the ultimate authority when it comes to saving money for your future. You’re told you should use these to calculate how much money you need to save over your lifetime. But, do they work? The problem I have with retirement calculators is that [...]

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Investing: Against The Odds?

Humans are amazing creatures. We’ve developed complex financial systems and markets that we exploit by buying up parts of companies (buying stocks) or loaning money to companies ( buying bonds) with the intent of making money off of these activities. It’s shameless and unapologetic (as it should be). Like Gordon Gekko (a fictional character from [...]

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Financial Planning 101

Financial planning is both necessary and practical for every single person alive today. I’d say that it is something that no one – at least in a civilized and developed society – can ignore. People do often discount its importance or try to completely evade the issue altogether…to their own detriment. One trend that I [...]

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