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Is “Buy & Hold” A Good Investment Strategy?

Some people think that stock investing is overrated. After all, how many times have you heard me talk about investing in the stock market? Well, just to show you that I know at least a little something about taking risks, let me let you in on a “different” perspective. You’ve probably heard of the investment [...]

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Here Comes Another Bubble

I just couldn’t resist. If you substitute speculation in the .coms with real estate, it’s still pretty funny … Here Comes Another Bubble – Richter Scales – Watch more amazing videos here

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What Are Stocks?

Stocks represent partial ownership in a corporation. If you own stock in a company, you share in the profit and loss of the company. I know most folks like the profit part, but this is where the “risk” comes in – the loss. As a safeguard against loss, stocks offer limited liability in the corporation. [...]

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