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Financial Planning Begins Before You Are Rich

Most of the people I talk to about financial planning assume that they need money in order to do financial planning. To some extent, this is true (education is not free).

However, the process of financial planning is a lifelong process that starts prior to finishing highschool. This seems incredible to most people, but financial planning starts with a concept of "value creation". Value creation, in concrete terms, means planning a career, finding a job, and making money.

By thinking that you must wait to become "rich" before engaging in the process of financial planning or meeting with a financial adviser, you are making a huge mistake. A common contradiction is that financial planning is only necessary or worthwhile after you have become "rich". But in order to become "rich", or well off, you must have had some kind of plan in place. The unspoken question is: how did you earn that money to begin with?

Before any saving or investing can happen, before any budgeting can take place, SOMETHING must be created. This is the first, and most important, step in the process of financial planning.

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