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 David C Lewis RFC
David C Lewis RFC

David Lewis is a member of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants. He is a former instructor for Joint Education and Training, Inc. in Elmira, NY, and the author of numerous essays and articles on the topic of personal finance.

David has been an independent financial adviser since 2005, and was a registered representative with Metropolitan Financial Services prior to that.

David offers an alternative to the popular "dependency approach" to financial planning in which financial advisers make recommendations and dictate client needs. The dependency approach, David argues, only leads to client helplessness and an increasing (and unhealthy) dependency on the financial adviser over time.

The alternative? Help the client to help themselves. Through rational goal setting and implementation, David helps clients to face any challenges or financial problems head on and discover effective solutions to those challenges or problems. Finally, action-oriented steps are devised to help clients meet short and long-term financial goals. All of this is done while simultaneously putting the client in "the driver's seat."