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"After having read your site, and talking with you in private, you made everything really easy to follow." - Onisha Williams, Philadelphia, PA

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  • Patented stock selection software that demystifies the often confusing and complex process of picking winning stocks
  • Software that allows you to analyze stocks like Warren Buffet without having to learn all of the complex mathematical formulas involved in analyzing a company. Learn how to utilize proven fundamental analysis methods to determine a company’s value quickly and easily – regardless of your investment experience or level of technical proficiency.
  • The first and only investment software on the market that melds power with ease of use by combining fundamental analysis of company performance with leading-edge principles of cognitive engineering and display technology in its design. You literally get a “red light” for “bad” stocks and a “green light” for good stocks.
  • Stock selection software that is transparent; there are no hidden or secret formulas. Not satisfied with the software’s simple “red/green” display? No problem! You can drill down into a company’s display to see more detail, including all of the calculations that go into the analysis. What you will see is based on public reports filed with the SEC and analyzed using well-established and standard valuation techniques.
  • Take advantage of the true power of automated stock screening. Our software automatically pulls in all publicly traded stocks and filters them through the software for you, making stock selection even easier. You get only the best of the best. Choose between dividend paying stocks, small cap growth stocks, or whatever else you’d like to invest in. Investing has never been this simple.

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