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The Real Cause of Crisis In The Financial Markets And How To Persevere

The cause of the Great Depression, all of the recessions since then, is and has always been the U.S. Government. I keep hearing everyone blame the financial industry for the mess of 2008. Supposedly, it was all of those greedy bankers and investment houses that created the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression. Even [...]

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How Inflation Misleads & Hurts Investors

I don’t want you to be happy about losing money, and I know that sounds stupid…in fact, you are probably saying to yourself “why would anyone be happy about losing money?”

Well, it’s happened before. It’s happening today…and my guess is it will happen in the future. I’ll explain in a moment…

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Social Security or Social Insecurity?

I don’t need to harp on the fact that Social Security is doomed unless some politicians comes up with a slick way to reorganize the Government-backed retirement scheme for a few more years than its projected bankruptcy. Kudos to Brad at the for a wonderful review of what President Bush’s “Part D” might look [...]

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How Existing Filial Responsibility Laws Can Affect You, If You Have Parents

From: The term filial responsibility denotes the “responsibility for parents exercised by children. The term emphasizes duty rather than satisfaction and is usually connected with protection, care, or financial support” (Schorr, 1980, p. 1). Although it is popularly believed that the obligation of children to care for their parents has ancient origins based on [...]

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Should I move all my insurance & retirement accounts to one company?

This is a good question, and one that doesn’t often come up, though I wonder how many people are actually thinking about it and not saying anything. For the most part (despite current economic conditions) there are many institutions that are pretty safe to do business with long term. It is impossible to know what [...]

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