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Do You Trust Your Financial Planner?

With the market being up and down, one of the questions we hear all the time is: “what should I be investing in?” If you turn on the T.V, you’ll likely those pearly white teeth of Suze Orman (or someone like her). She is considered a “perfect 10″ by many folks, and even some T.V. [...]

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How Do You Plan For Retirement When Lehman Brothers (And So Many Others) Are On the Verge Of Collapse? …Part 2.

Before I can really give you a good answer to this question, we need to take a good, hard long look at how we, as a country, got into this mess. First off, I want to make it very clear that… The Free Market Did NOT Cause This Problem! This is rather easy to prove, [...]

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Baby Boomers Have An Average of 3 Financial Advisers…Why?

The number of boomers who have assets spread all around is “amazing,” says Robert Graham, CEO and president of RG Capital LLC, Scottsdale, Ariz.“They have an average of 3 financial advisors each.” By retirement, “some older people even forget what they have,” he continues. This always struck me as odd…because the reasoning most people give [...]

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Inflation Is A Big Concern – More Than Saving Money?

From the National Underwriter: NU Online News Service, May 20, 2008, 4:05 p.m. EDT         Boomers and current retirees share a deepening concern about soaring costs.                Pre-retirees and retirees also worry about protecting the value of their assets from inflation, having enough money to pay for long [...]

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Mortgage Misconceptions – Simple Vs. Compound

Somehow my eyeballs landed on a few disturbing pages on the Internet and I started to wonder if this is the caliber of education being passed around by “do-it-yourselfers”. There is nothing wrong with trying to educate yourself and accomplishing your own financial goals…on your own. However, if you decide to do this, just make [...]

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