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Dear Dave: What’s Wrong With Personal Finance Blogs?

I’ve had several people recently tell me that they really like this blog and they wanted to know if I could recommend any other good personal finance blogs. I’ll tell you what I’ve told them: I wish I could. I don’t like personal finance blogs (for the most part). They’re pretty slick-looking with, what looks [...]

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Behaviorism In Financial Planning

Some financial advisers, financial “gurus” and the news media proclaim (quite loudly) that “it’s not your fault that you’re in debt. The credit card companies made it too easy for you to spend money!” and that “those evil banks enslave you with debt that you can never pay off.” These advisers, T.V., and radio personalities [...]

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Saving Money Is Not Optional

An unspoken assumption held by many people is that “saving money is optional”. “I know I need to save money,” says a client, “but I just don’t have anything left over at the end of the month”. Think about what is being said here. There are only 2 possible situations a person will find themselves [...]

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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

Let the champagne flow! (well, in 3 more days at the stroke of 12:01, anyway…) Every year millions of people make a new year’s resolution. Some people want to lose weight. Other people want to work out more. And still others make a financial-related new year’s resolution. There’s nothing wrong with a resolution at the [...]

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Dear Dave: Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year, regardless of who you are. I know many people get hung up on the politically correct way to say it, but for me “Happy Holidays” just doesn’t have the same “uhmph” as “Merry Christmas”. Besides, why should I pass up the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate a truly [...]

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