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The Honest Rate of Returns & Indexed Annuities

Not long ago I wrote my scathing review of Dateline NBC’s expose on Indexed Annuities, but I’d like to start over from a slightly different angle and provide some insight as to why indexed linked products – whether they are CDs, corporate notes, life insurance, or annuities – offer certain advantages that no other products [...]

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Arbitrary Retirement Plan Rules, Part 3: Annuities

Annuities are financial products that are designed by life insurance companies. The contract itself is an insurance policy. Annuities can actually be traced back to Roman times when citizens would make a payment and receive an annual stipend in return. Over time, these products become more refined and complex. Governments began using them for anything [...]

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What’s Wrong With Indexed Annuities?

With a headline like that, the next thing you normally read is: “plenty” followed by a scathing review of insurance agents and insurance products. Look, there are plenty of bad insurance agents in the field. And, there are plenty of bad products. The recent Dateline expos√© of fixed and equity indexed annuities called Tricks of [...]

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Equity Indexed Annuities Get A Bad Rap, But Do They Deserve It?

…insurance contracts are designed to be long-term savings products and mutual funds are (or at least were initially) designed to be long-term investment products…but so many people use the terms “savings” and “investing” interchangeably…and this causes problems.

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