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Value creation

January 18th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Current Events

Politicians sure are dumb, aren't they?

The whole plan of President Obama and his administration is to steal money from one group of people and give it to other people, re-allocating capital where THEY want it to go so that jobs can be created in the sectors and industries THEY want to see job growth in. What about the American people? What about the money THEY created that's being taken away from them through taxes and inflation? No answer, which shows the arrogance and uncaring attitude of our president. If he did care about job growth, he'd let the free market do its job.

You can't have capital without capitalism. Yet, this is exactly what the politicians in Washington D.C. are trying to sell to the American people.

Even if you believed that all of the money spent on "stimulating" the economy was going towards job creation, why pay a middle man to re-allocate YOUR money (politicians, lobbyists, and the president don't work for free you know)? Why not let the people who EARNED that money decide where it gets spent?

Americans need to stand up and tell their elected officials: "You didn't earn my money, I did. I have a right to my money, so stop spending it." 


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  • Art Saulino

    Dear Dave:

    I have begun exploring your site and appreciating your points of view about capital formation by individuals in order for them to fund their individual goals. By and large, you display the skills of a talented explainer. Then I ran across the page above. What you said there is not well explained at all. It is a mere recitation of a mantra of the fiscal conservatism movement.

    Look: human life and all human endeavors — including capital formation and wealth building — exist in a moral atmosphere, because all human are equipped with a moral sense. Humans are smart and flexible, and they can learn to suppress their moral sense, and most of us do this at one time or another in our lives. Many people, however, make suppressing their moral sense an integral part of their life’s work.

    Treating capital formation and “capitalism” in a moral vacuum is extremely popular — indeed, almost universal — in the financial community, and among the political actors which it funds.
    The fact is, that “greed is good”, “taxes are theft”, “the government is the enemy” –
    and all the others — are slogans for people to use when their suppressed moral sense is tweaked by real life situations.

    Ayn Rand and Karl Marx were philosophers. Not economists, not corporate managers, not politicians.

    Dave, if you can show me a single existing example of pure unadulterated Capitalism, or for that matter, of pure, unadulterated Socialism, I would truly be beholden to you. I am open to new information, and will read anything you feel describes such a currently existing system, or one in the past which has been adequately documented. I myself have never found even one such example of the realization of either extreme philosophy that endured for even one generation.

    I hope you will take this note seriously. This means, for example, that you will not say that morality is beyond the scope of your tutelage on this site. Because your brief essay above seems quite full of moral judgement to me.

    Thanks for your efforts. I still intend to read the full site for potential insights.

    Art Saulino

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